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Strap on your gloves... and blast away unwanted fat in these calorie-burning, body-toning, 1 hour kickboxing classes.​​

Start getting in the best shape of your life with IMAA Muay Thai Kickboxing Program. We teach classes that are fun, but also work with amazing results!

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help to reach your fitness level quick!

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You work out your entire body

You blast fat through built-in interval training

​You get resistance from the heavy bag

When you are kickboxing, you are basically working on every major muscle group in your body. This means that there is a lot more of your body involved in the exercise. When you punch, you work on your upper body and when you kick, you are working on your lower body. This is part of what makes kickboxing such an intense workout session: you are working out muscles from all the major muscle groups at the same time. Also, when you are rotating and pivoting, you strengthen your core muscles.
Research has proven that shorter, high-intensity cardio sessions lead to greater fat loss over a period of time than longer, low-intensity sessions. The rhythm of a kickboxing class naturally incorporates interval training, giving you time to catch your breath between high intensity cardio sessions. When you work through a combination of kicks and pauses, you pause then do the combination again.
If you take a cardio kickboxing class at a gym, you’re just punching in the air. But if you take a real kickboxing class at International Martial Arts Academy  you’ll use a Wavemaster (or heavy bag). The bag gives you a lot of resistance, which means that you will use more energy and strength to hit the bag, all leading to you burning more calories.

The class pushes through your imagined limit

Kickboxing is quite possibly the best work out that there is today. It is high intensity, burns a lot of calories and leaves you feeling good even while your metabolism remains high after the class. It really is a win-win.

You amp it up through plyometric training

When you work out on your own, there is not really a lot of motivation to really push yourself to the max. In fact when you work out on your own, it can be difficult to complete any regimented workout schedule. But in a group class atmosphere like the one provided at International Martial Arts Academy, you’re not only motivated by the instructor, but by the sense of community you have from other members. This mean that you are far more likely to push through whatever limits you think are constraining you and burn even more calories.
Plyometrics is a term used to describe superfast explosive movements. Kickboxing classes at International Martial Arts Academy are full of plyometric exercises like burpees and jump squats. Plyometrics help your weight loss process because it makes your muscles more elastic and supple, allowing you to handle workouts of increasing intensity a lot more efficiently. This is one of the big reasons why kickboxing classes are great for weight loss. Even after class is over, you’ll still feel the effects.


Not in the perfect shape?
Great, we are here for you!

Already in shape?
It's time for the IMAA Kickboxing evolution!

Over the classes you will:​

• Lose Weight
• Have Fun
• Make more friends
• Have more energy
• Look sexy!

​Never get tired of the same old thing. Every week we have a new class planned for you. Using the goals of the class for the month we formulate our exercises, drills, and techniques for every ability level from beginner to advanced. There is always the next level to achieve and to better yourself.



​There is no better workout than martial arts workout! You burn between 800 and 1200 calories in every one-hour of our classes.
Our MUAY THAI - KICKBOXING program is a total body workout, designed to exercise every muscle in your body.

Every single muscle.

Plus you’re getting cardio, and gaining flexibility at the same time…and all that other stuff we already mentioned. That’s why martial artists look so darn good. Martial artists are now pinups in dorm rooms everywhere and the new fitness standard. We welcome you to come in and try a class as well.

We know we can help anyone look and feel better. Lots of former cross-trainers are now students for the awesome total body workout, cardio, flexibility, and perfectly proportioned physique it gives you. But if you’re going to take our classes, why not do it right?

Try a MUAY THAI - KICKBOXING class and like other IMAA classes, you will get a great workout.

A IMAA certified instructor as at least 10 years of training and teaching experience (very different from francises and Gym instructors) and will show you the right way, place, and time to kick, punch, knee...

We know there are other great exercises, fitness programs, and fun fitness classes…but none of them are IMAA.

What other exercises, fitness programs or fitness class will help you defend yourself against an attacker?

At the International Martial Arts Academy, you will not only get the benefits of physical fitness, you will have skills and confidence that carry over and benefit you every day, in every aspect of your life.
Some of our Success Stories
  1. Kery Sire
    ★★★★★ Best experience with a Martial Arts school I've ever had, bar none. The staff and other students are friendly and helpful. The classes are fun and extremely informative, not to mention a killer workout. Very different from a Cardio kickboxing you can find in a Gym. This is a real Kickboxing class but everybody can work on the own paste. If you're considering starting martial arts, IMAA is the best place to do it!
  2. Glynn Smith
    ★★★★★ No question whatsoever all the instructor here are committed to push you beyond what you believe you can do, and then some more!. The hour session is enormous fun and incredibly rewarding in both body and mind. I can not think of a better way to get into a great physical and mental shape so quick. The classes are extremely demanding and the instructors will help you push to the next level of cardio whilst simultaneously improving techniques. In a two month period I personally lost 24 pounds, increased my endurance, overall physical fitness and appearance..What more can you ask for? I can honestly say I have not felt this good for at least 15 years! I love the motto “never give up” . There is so much to gain from this class, self respect, respect for others, honor and pride. The whole experience has been a true inspiration. A huge thank you to Sensei Ruocco and all at IMAA. “simple the best”
  3. Carla C.
    ★★★★★ I lost ovet 40 pounds at IMAA & I gained see confidence! “I was hooked after the first workout, the school is beautiful and clean and the instructors are phenomenal.” What made me choose this school is the fact that the instructor really care about you. They help you to achieve your goals and keep you on track. I was trying for years to lose weight with no luck. They guide me step by step. The workout is always different and fun. I made lot of friends and now we are like a team! I love this place! Best of all, I lost more than 40lbs in the first 5 months of training!
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